BSc.Econ + MSc.Stats.
Fervently believe in Bayesian Epistemology.
Econometrics enthusiast with firm conviction in data integrity.

I am primarily interested by microeconomic theory, decision making theory, and applications of Bayesian approach to Economics. Always want to make good storytelling with reality-focused empirical research.

I got BSc. Mathematical Economics and Statistics(summa cum laude) from University of Birmingham(UK) and BSc. Economics with minor in Finance from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics(China).

I encountered reproducibility crisis in 2019: when writing a dissertation on the efficiency of Chinese carbon trading, I found all significant results from collected literature irreproducible. Soon I realised that I must systematically reconstruct my research skills before moving on to pursue a PhD. After field work with people in the industry and contact with scholars in environmental economics and policy, now I am confident enough to tell a story behind insignificance.

Insignificance is insignificance. A real Economist is never ever a "stargazer".